Visulite Theatre (16+ (Must have ID) - Under 16 with Parent Only)

Doors open at 07:00 PM / Show starts at 08:00 PM

Tickets are $10.00 advanced / $15.00 day of show

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Formed in 1996, anthropologist and singer/songwriter, Leisure McCorkle returns to The Visulite Theatre with a new full band lineup, and a new (sixth) album (Archangel) due out later this summer 2024. McCorkle, road tested on three continents, has seen his share of ups and downs. “You don’t play music because you want to be famous, or make loads of money,” proffers McCorkle; “those things are arbitrary and sometimes by-products of being a musician, even though rare. Playing music is something that is a part of who you are, not an extension of your professional and financial aspirations.” 

“It really wasn’t so clear to me until the passing of my long term drummer and friend   - Superstar Gary Guthrie (1971-2021). Losing Gary was a massive loss to me and everything I’m about, and this includes my music. Gary was with me from high school onward. He will never be replaced. It was only after deep reflection that I decided to keep going. In a way, I feel like I have to keep going because Gary and I worked so hard together to make music our life.”

In 2024, McCorkle put together a live band of some of the best musicians from around the area for a show that will hopefully develop into regular performances anywhere and everywhere. Joining him are: Dan Hood (Blue Dogs), Josh Daniel, James Brock, and Jason “Greazy Keyz” Atkins live in concert at The Visulite Theatre. In addition, this LM super group celebrates the arrival of a new album this year - Archangel, which features Superstar Gary Guthrie on two unreleased tracks. It will also be available on colored vinyl. 

The new band hopes to see you at the show at Visulite Friday June 14th. Better yet buy an advanced ticket, and support original local/regional music at a locally owned venue, so that we can all keep making and playing the best live and recorded music possible.





Fancy Gap Fancy Gap, the debut album by Stuart McLamb (The Love Language) and Charles Crossingham, captures life's essence in a country-tinged, radio-ready sound. From poignant reflections on life, death, and love to celebrations of joy and triumph, each track delves into universal themes. Their heartfelt songwriting, honed through their experiences, takes center stage. During the pandemic, McLamb and Crossingham retreated to Crossingham's cabin in Fancy Gap, Virginia, where they nurtured their musical collaboration. Inspired by '90s radio rock and classic country, they crafted the album over two years, blending their influences into a cohesive sound. Recording sessions at the cabin and impromptu jam sessions formed the backbone of the album's creation, with McLamb and Crossingham inviting esteemed musicians to contribute. Grammy-winning engineer Craig Alvin (Album of The Year, Kacey Musgraves’ Golden Hour)  polished the final product, infusing it with warmth and depth. McLamb's emotive vocals guide listeners through songs exploring love, loss, and introspection, while the music evokes the mountain setting where it was born. Drawing from diverse influences like Counting Crows, Joni Mitchell, and The Wallflowers, Fancy Gap offers a rich tapestry of sound. Ultimately, Fancy Gap is a musical journey that resonates emotionally and sonically, evoking the feeling of a carefree springtime drive. It's an album that transcends genres, leaving a lasting impression on the heart and soul.




Start time: 08:00 PM

Wilde Green Led by songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Kevin Terrell, Charotte-based Wilde Green are an ambitious quartet whose resounding array of influences bring to mind a melding of melodic craftsmanship to the tune of British sound lore and the restless ambitions of those who took that inspiration to new heights. Their collectively sourced inspiration is a kindling of genres from the 60’s on through the 90’s. From The Beatles, The Kinks, The Who and The Rolling Stones, there in also emerges a notable pop and psychedelic sensibility that channels the 60’s garage bands of obscure fame likening to The Creation and The Smoke. With hints of 70’s glam of Bowie and Bolan and playful power pop of 70’s punk bands like Flamin’ Groovies, all nestled among the melancholic 80’s sounds of The Smiths’ (more Marr than Morrissey), the beat driven pop of The Stone Roses, Oasis, Ocean Colour Scene and a touch of that shoegaze dreaminess of Ride and Spacemen 3, their sound is an entanglement of intrigue. The group formed through the inspirational songs and sounds heard on Kevin Terrell’s most recent solo album entitled “Idyll Mind.” Terrell wrote, performed, recorded and produced the album in just a few short weeks, and in August of 2022 it was released. After performing songs from “Idyll Mind” along with a steady stream of new material as a solo act, Terrell brought together a talented, like-minded and passionate group of musicians to bring to fruition the visionary essence of his songwriting. With Shawn Lynch on lead guitar, Adam Roth on bass and Pete Oram on drums, Wilde Green are an imaginatively influenced and influential presence whose distinctive sound and sonically driven style bring to life the lyrical and idyllic visions of Kevin Terrell.